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Lewis Hamilton lacks one victory to repeat the achievement of Michael Schumacher. Although the Briton has often said that he did not seek to break records, his former teammate Jenson Button believes that this is only a way to resist pressure.

Jenson Button “Racers say this to soften the pressure. But catching up on the number of victories with the legendary Michael Schumacher is an amazing achievement.

When I competed, Michael won five titles – it was just great to race with him on the same track. Most of the time, his car was better than mine, but sometimes it wasn’t, and then I had the opportunity to fight him. This is a real privilege.

I know Lewis: he likes to win, he has a winning character and amazing skill, but I’m sure that now victories do not give him as much pleasure as if he had rivals from other teams. If Leclerc, Vettel or Verstappen had the opportunity to impose a fight on Lewis, he would have liked it much more. Or, for example, if he had to fight Michael Schumacher, and he could get ahead of him, then this victory meant much more to him.

Valtteri Bottas is an excellent team player. But when you play in the same team with Lewis, you have to learn to take possession of his thoughts, and Valtteri is just a good guy. He wants to be talked about by his results.

It all depends on how you think in some situations, how you work with the machine, how you set it up, what strategy you come up with. At one time, I could get ahead of Lewis, only due to the best settings or another strategy. I knew how to work with tires and save fuel that I could pick up the pace during the Lewis pit stop. That was great! In my opinion, Lewis often thought: “I do not understand how he managed to get ahead of me, because I’m faster.”

Jenson Button hasn’t driven Formula 1 since the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix when he replaced Fernando Alonso. He also raced the Super GT in Japan at the 24 Hours of Le Mans and took part in the Baja 1000 last fall.

“Last year, I did a completely insane thing by taking part in the Baja 1000 off-road race in Mexico,” said Button. – This is the most terrible episode in my racing career and at the same time – the main adventure in my life. For a Formula 1 racer, this is a crazy move. We drove off-road vehicles past houses, over mountains, along the edge of an abyss. Conditions varied from 30 degrees of heat to zero in the mountains. This is something incredible. “



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