This robbery took place on November 1.

According to investigators, three people dressed in black and wearing dark hats entered the building at around 6.00 local time and left at around 10.45 local time, after filling a white vehicle.

Police in Kleve et Krefeld believe the burglary was “professionally planned and executed.”

The perpetrators of the burglary managed to enter the basement of the building and enter the safe room with the help of their drilling tool.

Customs has promised a reward of 100,000 euros to anyone who provides information about the perpetrators of the burglary or to recover the stolen money.

Witnesses said they heard the sound of a drill at dawn on November 1, after which they saw the three people in a back-and-forth from the building to a vehicle registered in the region, with which they later “disappeared”.

A witness photographed a man who was passing buildings that morning and was being actively sought by investigators.

The man then boarded a car and drove in the same direction as the white vehicle used in the theft.

The Breakup is reminiscent of Michael Mann’s “Heat,” starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino.