He Stevenage Football Club is an English fourth division team that has become very popular with FIFA 20 users in recent months. One of the player’s favorites according to statistics and which is gaining more and more fame thanks to sponsorship of Burger King … and its spectacular marketing campaign.

The American franchise took advantage of its presence in FIFA to sponsor the team and thus its logo could appear in the game, along with the great stars of the world of football. That’s when they came up with the already viral “Stevenage Challenge“.

This challenge basically consists of the players upload a video to Twitter in which they score a goal, make a pipe or give an assist, being able to get free prizes at Burger King, such as hamburgers, nuggets, or similar. In fact, there was the possibility of activating a code for all of Spain to win a Crispy Chicken if a goal was scored with a Spanish player from their own field. And always using the Stevenage.

Faced with an opportunity of such caliber, many users have wanted to take advantage of and use the modest English team. Thus, ‘The Boro’ has become the most used gear of all Career Mode, and his kit one of the most dressed in Ultimate Team, in addition to have sold out their shirts for the first time in their history.

Thus, in more than one console Messi, Cristiano, Neymar or Mbappé have taken Stevenage and Burger King to the top by winning the Champions League … and with the more than 25,000 goals shared online, more than one to eat several times for free thanks to their prizes.