building with 108 inhabitants collapses without leaving victims

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A three-story building partially collapsed last morning in Havana without causing victims or injuries, despite the fact that 108 people lived in it, state media reported this Wednesday.

The event was made known at the daily meeting of the Provincial Defense Council of the capital, whose president, Luis Antonio Torres Iríbar, said that the causes of the collapse are being investigated, according to the newspaper Tribuna de La Habana.

The building was not on the list of properties in critical condition that exist in the city and in it 27 families lived who are being cared for and for the moment will be relocated in “premises”, said the leader.

The demolished building was located in the Centro Habana neighborhood, one of the most densely populated in the capital and also one of the areas that accumulate more buildings in a precarious state.

Independent Cuban media reported that the neighbors of the block managed to evict it immediately before they collapsed various parts of it.

So far this year there have been numerous landslides in Havana, several of them with fatalities.

The capital is one of the regions with the worst housing situation, one of the most sensitive and difficult social problems to solve in the country, mired in cyclical economic crises.

The city, which turned 500 years old last November, is the territory with the highest population density in Cuba (11.2 million inhabitants) and maintains a deficit of 101,470 homes, according to figures from the Ministry of Construction.

Of a total of 716,327 properties, 307,325 -43% – are in fair or poor condition and some 84,000 require repairs.

The vast majority of homeowners are unable to repair their homes, affected by the passage of time and lack of maintenance, due to the high cost of reconstruction or the shortage of construction materials.

In many cases, people remain in their homes even though they have been declared legally uninhabitable.

In January of this year, the death of three 11 and 12-year-old girls when the balcony of a house in Old Havana collapsed It shocked the country and provoked outrage among those who believed that the accident could be avoided.

The building, declared in danger of collapse and about to be demolished, did not have the necessary precautionary signs, as one of the residents of the area told Efe at the time.



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