South Korean band BTS has released a message of encouragement to all the people who are currently suffering from the coronavirus health crisis.

Within the framework of the UN General Assembly and presented by Henrietta Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, the group members spoke about their personal situation regarding COVID-19 and the impact that the virus has had in their lives and in their moods.

The group’s leader, RM, explained: “Our world tour was totally canceled, our plans suddenly fell apart and I felt lonely”. A feeling that the rest of the young people in the band share.

However, trying see the bright side of this reality, the singers explained that they have tried to turn the situation into a new opportunity to create music.

“If our voices can empower people, that is what we want and that is what we will continue to do”, aim Jung Kook in a hopeful tone.

This is not the first time that BTS has spoken at the UN General Assembly. They already did it two years ago in a performance that went viral on social media getting a high impact.

The video of the South Koreans is part of a UNICEF project so that the impact of the health crisis is not too high on children and young people around the world, paying special attention to the mental health.

“Things may not look good right now, but we can use this time to reimagine and build a better world. You are not alone.”Fore added in his speech.