Luis Mancini is an Argentine journalist who has jumped to the present time for having suffered a brutal attack while broadcasting his radio show. Mancini was attacked while he was live, an incident that the victim defined from the hospital as “an attempted murder.”

Mancini performed the program on FM Horizonte radio from Villa Río Bermejito, in the province of Chaco, when he was suddenly surprised by two men who broke into the room and they gave him a violent beating.

These men entered the study booth and without a word one of them grabbed Mancini by the neck, He threw him to the ground to give him several kicks and blows with a stick.

Shortly after, a third man is seen to appear, although he does not deal any blow and simply He stayed staring while the other two beat the journalist.

“The beating they gave me caused multiple head trauma, emphysema in the lung,” says the journalist while recovering from the assault, which was recorded by the studio cameras.

In addition, he explains that “I had a bad time and today at noon they transferred me to a common room, but I am not well physically. We have been doing an investigation on our page and we were able to reflect a truth that happens in the Chaco, that many officials charge the IFE “.