Brussels wants more repatriation of simple immigrants

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The European Comission presents this Wednesday its expected asylum and immigration policy reform with which it intends to reconcile the diametrically opposed positions between southern countries and those of Visegrado, who frontally reject the mandatory relocation of refugees, and avoid the repetition of new tragedies such as the one experienced on the Greek island of Moria. A pact that, as advanced last week in an interview by the Interior Commissioner, Ylva Johansson, will focus on agreements with third countries and the return policy, to increase and accelerate the expulsion of irregular immigrants, the control of external borders and a new mandatory solidarity mechanism that it will not include the controversial quotas but that it will demand reinforced solidarity from the member states.

According to the Reuters agency, the plan that will serve to amend the dublin regulation –Which places the responsibility of managing asylum applications in the first country of entry into the EU- contemplates the elaboration by the Community Executive of an annual projection on the number of refugees that each member state should host, according to their weight economic and population as well as the estimated number of arrivals. The new solidarity mechanism will be based, in principle, on voluntary reception commitments and the member states will also be able to offer as an alternative assistance on the ground to the countries most affected by the arrival of immigrants.

Imposition of quotas

However, if commitments do not reach at least 70% of arrivals, the European Commission reserves the right to impose a quota and launch infringement procedures against countries that refuse to contribute their grain of sand, which ultimately instance could end in sanctions. According to the sources cited by the agenda, the plan also recovers an old proposal for encourage the reception of refugees, charged to the EU budget, as is an aid of 10,000 euros per refugee and 12,000 euros in the case of unaccompanied minors.

In addition, it includes a crisis mechanism to face possible migratory peaks like that of 2015, when more than a million people arrived fleeing the war in Syria. Regarding the repatriations of irregular immigrants, one of the pending issues of the member states, the intention of Brussels is to accelerate the expulsions and increase the rate of returns from the current 30% to at least 70%, an issue that requires not only speeding up procedures at the national level so the process is not prolonged beyond a few months but rather agreements with third countries that must readmit the immigrants back.



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