Brussels sticks to its ‘brexit’ calendar

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The Next Formal Round of Future Negotiations trade agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom -The ninth- will take place in Brussels from September 28e, just two days before the expiration of the period given to London to rectify its proposed law on the internal market and eliminate any provision that violates the withdrawal agreement agreed with the EU. Until then, neither the European Commission nor the Twenty-Seven intend to be impressed by the tactical maneuvers of Boris Johnson, much less modify the agenda of the extraordinary summit to be held by European leaders on September 24 and 25.

“We are not going to change our plans. The ‘Brexit’ may be the subject of an information point but it is still not clear & rdquor ;, explain sources of the Council about the meeting that will bring together European leaders in the European capital one week before the ultimatum expires. Yes, “informal contacts & rdquor; between the European negotiator, Michel barnier, and his British counterpart, David Frost, probably one per week, as well as the usual monitoring by the European Parliament and the twenty-seven European capitals that follow Johnson’s strategy in absolute disbelief.

Not get up from the table

“In more than 30 years as a diplomat, I had not experienced such a rapid, intentional and profound deterioration of a negotiation & rdquor ;, the German ambassador to the United Kingdom regretted this Thursday, Andreas Michaelis. The same feeling that diplomats have on this side of the English Channel. “There is nothing logical in this. I have no idea what this man, who signed an international agreement five minutes ago, is going to do when he acknowledges and says that he does not comply with it five minutes later. He’s neither British nor tactical, & rdquor; he regrets.

Although the feeling of pessimism has shot up again, the same as the chances of a ‘economic brexit Without an agreement once the transitional period ends on December 31, 2020, in Brussels it is clear that the EU will not be the first to get up from the table or to throw in the towel. “It is not our style. If Boris Johnson says that he will not comply with what was negotiated and signed, the one who rises from the table is him & rdquor ;, warns the same source. “We will not give in and we will remain calm. We are simply not going to let ourselves be pressured & rdquor ;, assures another European position in the face of an extremely tight calendar and that maintains one objective: to close a agreement in october.



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