Bruno Gissoni successfully enjoys his daughter, Madalena, on the web: ‘The center of attention’

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Bruno Gissoni is used to sharing relaxed moments with his daughter and charms his followers in every record with Madalena, 3 years old. A fan of family programs, the actor commented on the girl’s success on social media. “She is a princess. A human being who, wherever she arrives, becomes the center of attention. I am grateful for the rest of my life. And I became the father of Madalena. Before, it was Bruno from the novel. Today I stop at on the street and ask: ‘Aren’t you Madalena’s father?’. I love it. It fills me in a way that nothing in the world can do, “said Júnior Coimbra on the YouTube channel” Rap 77 “.

Bruno Gissoni talks about home in Minas Gerais

On the air today in the replay of “Flor do Caribe”, on Globo, Gissoni is building a house in the interior of Minas Gerais, where he spent part of the quarantine with his wife, Yanna Lavigne, and the heiress. “During this pandemic, I stayed in Minas. I am building a house in Serra da Mantiqueira. It has always been my biggest dream. Of course we have professional dreams, but I love nature. So, my biggest life dream was always to make a home in the middle of the forest. Now, with the pandemic, I got that time to build. I already had the land and, in January, I started the works. Then the pandemic came in March. In that, I said: ‘Since I have some thing to do in the bush, I’m going to stay there. ”And I stayed for almost four months. It changed my life. You slow down, you have full contact with nature and animals,” he said.

Actor slows down his career

According to Bruno, he rethought some aspects of his professional life during the pandemic period. “Today, not that I’m well settled financially, but there are jobs that would come two years ago that I would accept at the time, for the money, for the status. Today, I’m already in a place to say: ‘Man, I don’t want to donate my time, six months of my life, for a job I don’t want to do. ”This has already changed my life. I’m sure that in 2021, this will directly correspond to my relationship with my daughter. Because I’m more at home, I’m more present as a parent And what are the priorities What is my life priority Being a parent or being an actor What comes first For me today is being a parent I think these things are the small changes that are happening in the world and in my life “, he evaluated.

Artist points out positive side of quarantine

Gissoni too made a point of trying to see a positive side in this case: “It’s a reality check when the world jolts. Then who are you? What are your values ​​up to that moment of the jolt that made you face this reality shock? Because there are people who got stronger with this shock. I, for example, managed to sell my apartment in the middle of the pandemic. I was financing my apartment. So it was the world saying, ‘Dude, I’m going to take this expense out of your life.’ I didn’t make any money from the apartment. I lost money but I sold it and stopped having a debt. Today I am a guy with no debt. This is a huge privilege. I think you have to look around very closely and analyze the factors that make you who you are. And deal with it. See what is more important, which way you want to go. The pandemic made me think about it a lot, what’s around me “.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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