Bruna Marquezine makes selfie without makeup and look trend while traveling. See the photo!

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Bruna Marquezine showed her natural beauty through social networks, this Monday (12). Enjoying a trip with paradisiacal scenery and facing a beach, the actress shared a selfie on her Instagram Stories posing without makeup and with a trendy look: puffed-sleeved blouse and inverted neckline. To complete the look, the artist aligned her short hair in a hairdo, yellow vintage glasses and a geometric ring, part of her collection of fashionista earrings.

‘I don’t regret any dating’, says Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine recently returned to command the Youtube channel of Giovanna Ewbank during the period of maternity leave of the presenter. In a chat with internet users, the carioca commented on regret about a relationship. “Look, no. I don’t regret any dating. I met incredible people, people I cultivate a huge affection for. I learned a lot. Even the things I could say I regret … served as learning (… ) I only regret having insisted on a lot of them “, he said.

Actress talks about learning with relationships

To fans, the host of MTV MIAW 2020 said that some novels brought her learning. “A very good thing is that today I know what I don’t want in a relationship, what I don’t accept in a partner. Which doesn’t do me any good. What I know brings out my worst version. I do not regret it. I only regret having insisted on a lot of them “, he added.

Giulia Be went to Marquezine’s party. Find out!

Bruna Marquezine’s friend, Giulia Be revealed in an interview that she has already entered a party of the penetrating actress and that she needed to lie her age when being approached by the press. “More random role than I was. When I was 17, I hadn’t even released a song, no video singing, nobody knew I sang … I went to the party of Bruna Marquezine, 22 years old. A friend who was invited and invited me. I had nothing to do. Famous party, they stay at the door, and I was there. They came to interview me. They asked how old I am, and I said 18. You can see that I hesitate. I love a camera! Of course I wanted to show up. “I said, ‘I’m coming to penetrate, and the guys came to interview me. Imagine Bruna, after seeing the program, wondering who I am”, she recalled, invited from the last live of Luan Santana and Luísa Sonza.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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