Bruce Willis vs. a shape-shifting alien in the Breach trailer

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In the trailer for the sci-fi movie Breach, Bruce Willis is confronted with a shape-shifting alien. Thomas Jane is also in the cast.

Let’s face it: at the cinema, our beloved Bruce Willis, a bit like Nicolas cage, now seems devoted exclusively to the cause of the B-movie. In the absence of major roles, rather than idle, he engages in action and science fiction films that perhaps once he would have snubbed. How Breach, of which we show you the trailer and which was previously called Anti-Life, where, together with Thomas Jane, fights in space against a shape-shifting alien in what appears to be a more modest cross between The thing, Alien e Doom.

In the cast of this sci-fi thriller, alongside Bruce Willis e Thomas Jane, There are also Rachel Nichols e Cody Kearsley, directed by John Suits. This is the plot of Breach, which will arrive in American cinemas, where possible, and digitally everywhere, on December 18.

Fleeing a devastating epidemic on Earth, an interstellar ark is attacked by a new threat: a shape-shifting alien who wants to annihilate what remains of humanity.


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