Bruce Springsteen lent a song to Joe Biden’s campaign, heading for the US election

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The musician participated in a spot in favor of the Democratic candidate, in which a fragment of “My Hometown” plays. He thus joins the large number of artists who proclaimed themselves against Donald Trump.

Bruce Springsteen lent his voice and one of his songs for a propaganda campaign for the Joe Biden, as a sign of his strong support for the Democratic candidate within hours of the presidential election in the United States, which will take place this Tuesday 3.

It is not the first time that the rock icon endorses the candidate running against the incumbent president, Donald Trump. In August, for example, he allowed Biden to use the song The Rising to accompany a video broadcast on the first day of the Democratic convention.

Bruce was unmoved about Trump, treating him directly to “threat to our democracy”. Springsteen spoke of Biden’s working-class roots in Scranton, Pennsylvania, a key state in the election. “Here success is not given, it is forged with sweat, courage and determination, “said the singer, in a veiled reference to Trump.

The message ended with an excerpt from the song My Hometown, which is probably Springsteen’s most famous album, Born in the USA (1984).

In reality, the music world has a complicated relationship with Trump: from stars like Taylor Swift Y Elton John to bands like Rolling Stones o REM they reject it with lyrics and music. Even Kanye West, who knew how to be his great musical support, is now his opponent.

The “quarrel” between Trump and the rock universe began before his mandate, when the Rolling Stones Y Neil Young they officially complained that Trump brightened up the first campaign events, back in 2015, with his songs.

The protests were soon joined Elton John -of whom the US president is a declared fan-, Adele and even relatives of Leonard Cohen O Luciano Pavarotti that, obviously, do not agree with the ideals of the Republican leader.

The Stones, in 2016, raised the cry in the sky when Trump closed an act with Start Me Up. As the song was almost a campaign slogan, there was a complaint that escalated to a letter from “cessation” of the reproduction of the subject, sent by the lawyers of Mick Jagger and his associates.

What of Neil Young came later and in the same vein stating that “he didn’t like the idea “ his music played at Trump acts. Arguments Neil ?: “His misogyny and his racism.”

The members of REM joined the heroes taking another step by recovering World Leader Pretend, as an anti-Trump anthem for the initiative “30 days, 30 songs”, a playlist of protest hits against the current president.

El ex Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, also turned his 2016 shows into “political-musical recitals” that included slogans against Trump. “You are an asshole”, pointed out a great legend on the screen whenever the famous rocker was about to perform Another brick in the wall. “We don’t want that damn wall“he said spitting out the words as if they had stones.

“There is someone in the White House who has little respect for truth, morals and ethics,” tweeted Axl Rose and fired his ire because Republicans “seek loopholes to use the group’s music without permission” in political events.

Patti Smith, U2, Pearl Jam, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder y Guns N’ Roses are some of the personalities that included songs in the playlist against Trump. There are less suggestive than explicit titles: People Have the Power, Idioteque o You Haven’t Done Nothing (No has hecho nada).


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