Brooklyn Beckham, 21, engaged her girlfriend Nicola Peltzin, 25, in July after seven months of socializing.

Now the couple has caused aggravation in some. Peltz has released the questionable of the duo picture on Instagram. In the picture, Beckham holds his fiancé’s neck with his hands at the Dining Table. The woman is in the man’s choke grip, but laughs at the picture of the situation.

The image has angered IKWRO, an organization that opposes domestic violence and promotes the rights of Iranian women and Kurdish women, Daily Mail news. The organization also campaigned against honor violence and forced marriages.

Founder of the organization, human rights activist Dianna Nammi considers the making of a young couple irresponsible. According to him, it is wrong for domestic violence to be joked about in a some and a dangerous example to be given to some followers through strangulation.

– This is disgusting. Serious things should not be joked, Nammi sighs.

He recalls how his organization has seen over time how close men strangle their spouses to death.

Nammi has insisted, Beckham would admit his mistake, the couple would remove the picture and make a public apology for his thoughtless deeds.

– Such an attitude is not acceptable, he emphasizes.

Nammi also complains that Peltz has allowed his fiancé to keep him in a stranglehold and has yet to publish a picture of the situation himself.

What makes the situation especially bad, according to Namm, is that both parties to the couple have wild followers in the some. Brooklyn is followed by a whopping 12.5 million followers and Peltz by 1.9 million followers.

Beckham’s some followers have also wondered at the man’s cucumber preference. Many have noticed that Beckham has done the same in her previous feminine relationships.

– There are hand-to-hand pictures of him with every girlfriend. Even when he holds his hand on his woman’s shoulders in a hug, it looks like a really tight lock print, one commenter shares his attention.

– The excitement is never to describe her with any man in the same way, one commenter states.

Since then, the engagement couple has had time to publish another picture with their hand on their throat. Admittedly, in a fresh picture that you can see On the Daily Mail website, Peltz holds her husband in a choke grip.