Gareth Bale closed his march to Tottenham Hotspur last weekend in an operation that will send the Welshman one season on loan to London. Of course, the forward still has one more year on his contract in which, due to the way things are at the moment, he would have to play at the Bernabéu and nothing is ruled out. Yet all the same Everything indicates that Bale will not wear the Real Madrid shirt again.

From the comedy show ‘Modern life‘from Cadena SER, they have wanted remember to the extreme and pay tribute keeping a few moments of silence to a “total referent of ‘sudapollismo’ and comedy”, ironically recalling his countless rudeness to Real Madrid: the flag of Wales, the mask as a mask on the bench …

Both Ignatius Farray, Héctor de Miguel and David Broncano began to joke about his departure, remembering that Real Madrid, desperate to get rid of the player, still pay practically all his salary. “Can you imagine Florentino calling Mourinho? Mou, you owe me a favor. You know you owe me a favor, “he mused about Miguel.

However, the most possible assumption of all was brought to the table by Broncano, who was “excited” that Bale would go back to being who he was at Tottenham. “It could be that Bale now ‘pete’ him to death again,” he began. “It would be the host, the face of Florentino. Now he goes there and scores 25 goals … “, fantasized the presenter of ‘La Resistencia’.

Finally, the three dedicated the aforementioned moment of silence with some applause afterwards. Broncano wanted to leave a last wink suggesting that the pause should have ended with the sound of a golf ball being beaten, in honor of Bale.