British TV channel comes up with Queen’s deep faux Christmas speech as a warning

The British tv channel Channel 4 will broadcast a deepfake video during which Queen Elizabeth provides an ‘different’ Christmas speech. The video is faux and supposed as a warning towards deepfakes.

Deepfake know-how makes it attainable to digitally paste another person’s face right into a video. That manner you may get somebody to say one thing they did not say in any respect. Channel 4 desires to make use of the satirical video to warn of the hazard of this know-how.

Channel 4 will broadcast the faux speech on Christmas Day. The speech might be broadcast similtaneously the Queen’s actual speech on the BBC. A part of the message can already be seen on Twitter.

Within the faux speech, actress Debra Stephenson speaks the queen’s voice. The deepfake queen says she is joyful that she will lastly say all the things on Channel 4 and that nobody can put phrases in her mouth now. She additionally emphasizes the significance of individuals with the ability to belief what’s true and what’s not.

Not everyone seems to be happy with Channel 4’s satirical video. Unfavorable reactions are raining within the Twitter message. The intention is that the deepfake video might be broadcast on Channel 4 at 4.25 pm Dutch time.



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