Britain puts on the brakes on reopening, tightens measures against coronavirus and calls for “national unity”

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Announced it Boris Johnson to Parliament before the exponential increase in cases. The restrictions will last 6 months.

A life or death option for the Boris Johnson government. Confinement, without reaching a total “lockdown”, or gradualism to save the economy. The British Prime Minister announced today before Parliament the new restrictive measures to curb Covid 19. He then spoke to the country, on a national chain for the first time, in the evening, in a coordinated action and of national union of the four nations of the kingdom, with the leaders of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. He called his citizens to “Discipline” and to the unit “to avoid a second confinement” and remarked the call “to the army” to enforce the regulations.

“The coronavirus is the biggest crisis the world has ever faced in my life. The virus is spreading again and there will be more deaths if we do not take action, ”said the prime minister. “If you don’t respect the rules we established, then we reserve the right to go further”He warned. “Never in our history has our collective destiny and our collective health depended so completely on our individual behavior,” the premier told the country.

The restrictions they will last 6 months. Parliamentarians feel they have been sidelined in the government’s lockdown decisions.

“We have reached a dangerous turning pointBoris Johnson announced in Parliament, announcing the measures in the House of Commons.

The bars, pubs and restaurants of Great Britain will be closed, with a curfew, from 10 pm, from Tuesday. A blow to the hospitality industry, which is going to be the final blow for many of them. The police could apply penalties of 1000 euros and arrest if the social distance of 2 meters is not respected.

The mask will be mandatory for workers in bars, restaurants and taxi drivers in an effort to eliminate the virus. The penalties will be 200 pounds for those who do not use it. Those who can should work from home in “telework” and a minimal group will return to their places of work.

There will be no sporting activities or meetings, as promised to start on October 1. Weddings will be reduced to 15 people as guests and funerals to 30 people. Businesses must operate under the rules of the Covid.

These measures will last at least six months to combat the virus to save lives and protect jobs and will be permanently revised.

Schools and universities will remain open. Closing them would be a huge political cost for the premier.

But the economy is a goal and the government wants to continue to preserve it.

The government seeks to help people who have financial problems due to the crisis to protect “jobs and lives.” But Boris Johnson did not explain what plans are going to be strictly enforced and promised a debate next week in Parliament.

The government acted in the urgency and it does not seem to have an alternative plan to support the losers of the crisis.

The rule of six to meet in family homes will also be extended to practice sports for six in a closed place.

The prime minister said that will use the military to apply the new rules. But he promised that the economy “will remain open.”

Parliament will be able to scrutinize the government’s decisions, access the data and debate them. But parliaments want to discuss decisions before and not after they are adopted.

Sir Keir Starmer, the Labor leader, supported the measures but was harsh in criticizing the government’s handling of the crisis. “This is a time of national crisis and leadership is needed,” he said. “We support these measures,” he announced.


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