The English garage Vanwall plans to build six exact replicas of the F1 car with which it won the manufacturers ’world championship in 1958. Five of the cars will be put up for sale and the sixth will be given to a stable focusing on Vanwall’s history.

Acquiring a historic VW5 is not a cheap pastime, as Vanwall’s outright game costs £ 1.65 million, or about € 1.8 million, before taxes.

Even if you buy a piece of F1 history in your own garage, you can’t show it on the city streets. According to Vanwall, cars must not be put into traffic. However, they receive an FIA certificate that entitles them to compete in historic motorsport races around the world.

The car is built using original drawings from the 1950s. The F1 cannon has a 2.5-liter and four-cylinder engine that also served as the power source for the original car.

Cars are built by hand. The process is believed to take thousands of hours.

The fast eat the slow, as the cars are sold immediately to the first buyers. You can see a picture of the car’s plans here.

F1 names

Vanwall competed in the F1 series from 1954 to 1960. The team won nine races during its journey.

Founder of Lotus Colin Chapman helped develop the British stable car in 1956. British driver Stirling Moss drove in the stable in 1958 and won four races but lost the World Championship by just one point.

Moss placed second in the F1 series four times in his career.

Vanwall’s operations began to shrink when the founder Tony Vandervellin health deteriorated. In 1961, Vanwall competed in the three-liter Intercontinental Formula Series. The new series didn’t take the wind down, and Vanwall ceased operations.

Now the British team is interested in making cars in the future as well.

– The DNA that made these cars successful provides an interesting foundation for Vanwall’s future, Vanwall’s director Iain Sanderson said.

Earlier, British manufacturer Allard has announced that it will produce a one-piece car that raced in Le Mans in 1953.

Source: Autoblog