The worst-hit land in Europe with more than 61,1000 deaths, the UK is the first on the planet to authorize the use of the vaccine launched by Pfizer and BioNTech and will be the earliest Western country to launch the vaccination campaign.

Minister Matt Hancock, who recently called the first moment of vaccination a “V-day”, claimed “next week is a historic moment”.

“For the first time, priority will be directed at the most vulnerable and those over the age of eighty, staff in nursing homes,” and also in the public health service “will end up being among the first to receive the vaccine,” he said in a statement. .

Health workers are “working all end of the week to prepare for the launch of the software, the first vaccinations will be carried out in Tuesday,” the NHS claimed.

More “hubs” will be set up in 60 hospitals in England, and then 1,1000 vaccination centers will be set up, as per the Ministry of Health.

This shot must be stored at a temperature involving -70 degrees Celsius, a logistical challenge, health officials said. This doses must be transported by a professional company, and their thawing takes time.

The UK has ordered forty five million doses of the vaccine, that may protect 20 million people, using two infections needed. 800,1000 doses are available in the first phase in britain.

According to British publications, Princess or queen Elizabeth II, 94, and your ex husband, Prince Philip, 99, are going to be vaccinated soon, Mail on On the said they plan to publicly mention the immunization in order to to “encourage the population to get vaccinated”, with professionals fearing that anti-vaccine activists may possibly urge the population not to get vaccinated.

Despite the speed with which the United kingdom regulator authorized this vaccine, the institution’s executive director, June Raine, told the BBC on On the that “the highest international standards” had been applied.

To avoid just about any complications related to Brexit and the change period ending on December 31st, the government plans to use military transportation planes in case of delays at the national boundaries.