Brisa Fenoy, composer of The bad by Aitana and Ana Guerra, come back strong with a new theme. Bonita is his last single in which the singer satirizes with satire on the role of women in fame.

The 29-year-old artist premiered this song this Friday in which reflects on something that she herself has experienced in her flesh, how underrated women are in multiple ways. “It is not well seen to be cute, young, a model, a singer and to be a woman,” says Fenoy.

“It would be a different woman, because I can’t keep quiet, I have to answer what feels bad to me, lack of freedom I can’t bear,” says Bonita. “But If I were prettier, everything would be much better for me“.

The video clip, shot in summer in Tarifa and Algeciras, their land, take as a reference to film The great Gatsby and make a parallel between the artist’s own experiences extrapolated to the luxurious life of a “pretty woman.”

“In the video clip I make fun of that woman who does shut up. In the introduction, I appear chatting with the actor Cheyenne Draghi (my boyfriend in fiction) and I imagine what my life would be like if I put aside my ethics and my principles; I would have fame, money, luxury … and I would have the whole world at my feet. But at the end of the day there is no greater satisfaction than being myself and speaking my mind“, says Brisa Fenoy.