Brian Laundrie’s mother meant the ‘burn after reading’ letter to show love for her son.

The mother of Brian Laundrie has revealed that the “burn after reading” letter she wrote to her son pre-dated his 2021 trip with Gabby Petito and was meant to repair their relationship during a difficult period. Roberta Laundrie made the statement in an affidavit filed in support of a motion to stop the Petito family from seeing the letter, as they are suing the Laundries for intentional infliction of emotional distress over Gabby’s death. Brian and Gabby set off on a camping trip to national parks in June 2021, but he returned alone in early September. Gabby’s remains were found later that month, and Brian’s body was discovered in October 2021. Before his suicide, Brian admitted killing Gabby in a notebook, according to the FBI. Gabby’s parents had requested the “burn after reading” letter, claiming it includes a mention of burying a body. Roberta Laundrie denies this and explains that the letter drew inspiration from books and the message to burn it was intended to ensure it remained private. The Laundries argue they had no duty to the Petitos, and the case will be heard in May 2022.

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