Brexit: tough letter from the bishops of Great Britain against Boris Johnson’s plan to break with the European Union

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The five most important religious leaders in the United Kingdom alerted the government of the risks to democracy and unity “the premier’s decision to ignore what was agreed.

In an unpublished letter published in the newspaper Financial Times, the five most important archbishops and bishops of Great Britain and Ireland they alerted the British government of the risks “to democracy” and “the unity of the United Kingdom”, which implies the internal market law or the rewriting of Brexit, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson imposed in the House of Commons. The law must be dealt with today in the House of Lords. Queen Elizabeth is the head of the Anglican Church.

They warn that the law “Will have disturbing consequences” for the Good Friday peace agreement between Ireland and Northern Ireland ”and“ for democracy ”.

The law allows ministers to grant themselves powers to renege on the agreement that Britain signed with the European Union for their divorce. An act that Northern Ireland’s own secretary, Brandon Lewis, admitted in the House of Commons, which “allows Great Britain to violate international law and in a very specific way.”

The letter published in the British financial newspaper has no record. It was written by the Reverend Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, the highest authority of the church, along with the sovereign. He was joined by the Archbishops of York, for the Church of England, and the Archbishops of Wales for the Church of that nation. Also the Archbishop of Armagh, the most senior of the Church of Ireland, and the Bishop of Moray, Roy and Caithnees, the highest authority of the Scottish Church. A gesture that never happened before.

They claim that legislation can mean “the division” of the four nations that make up the UK. Great Britain is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, each with their respective governments and parliaments.

“We took this rare step of writing together because the decisions implemented in this law will deeply affect the future of our countries and the relations between them, ”wrote the archbishops.

“This legislation currently calls on the most important legislative body to equip the government to violate international law. This has enormous moral consequences, as well as political and legal, ”they argued.

“We believe this will create a disastrous precedent. It is particularly disturbing for all of us, who feel a sense of duty and responsibility regarding the Good Friday Agreement, ”they subscribed.

The new British legislation, sponsored by the pro Brexitiers, wants to impose a border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which the Good Friday Agreement prohibits to guarantee peace in the troubled province, which had a 30-year religious civil war, with 3,200 dead. If this legislation advances, the US Congress would not sign a free trade agreement with Great Britain. It is already unacceptable for the EU, that the case may go to court.

The archbishops warned that if the law passes in the House of Commons without the consent of the regional Parliaments, “it’s going to undermine trust and the goodwill of those who govern the different parts of the UK ”.

They wondered how the four nations of the kingdom will trade with each other “in a new system, replacing one that is slowly evolving and has been carefully negotiated for decades.”

The letter from the highest prelates of the United Kingdom was published when Britain has broken its official divorce negotiations with the EU, which were to continue today in London. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to companies, businesses and banks to prepare for a No Deal. Today they will be ratified at a conference.

Michael Gove, the minister in charge of Brexit planning, said it was up to the EU to “make a move” after Johnson canceled the negotiations on Friday. The transition period between Britain and the European Union ends on December 31. .


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