Brexit: ‘Prepare for a no-deal exit,’ warned Boris Johnson

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He suggested that if there are no new ideas and fundamental changes in Brussels, Britain must be ready to leave without an EU free trade arrangement.

“Be ready for a No Agreement”. In the midst of the virus pandemic, Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday invited the British to prepare for a no-deal exit of the European Union on January 1 next.

At the height of the European Council summit in Brussels and when the German Chancellor Angela Merkel suggests “Not abandon the negotiations ”, the British prime minister launched his latest poker game.

“Unless there is a fundamental change in “approach” We should think of a solution like Australia’s and go for a no-deal with Brexit, “said Boris in a short speech. “The EU has abandoned the idea of ​​an agreement,” he denounced.

Boris suggested that if there are no new ideas and fundamental changes in Brussels, the country should prepare for a no-deal exit from the EU. The British premier admitted that the European Union does not want to give them a free trade agreement canadian style, which took 10 years to achieve.

He had self-imposed the end of the European summit in Brussels this Friday to decide whether to leave with or without an EU free trade agreement. Europeans are going to be pragmatic but they will not sign “Any agreement”.

Boris’s rhetoric is extremely hard and a response to the words of French President Emmanuel Macron, who warned him that the EU was not going to sign “any agreement” and that they were all prepared for the No Agreement.

The biggest differences to achieve the free trade agreement that Great Britain seeks are the serious differences with France and Spain for fishing rights in the waters around the island. Until now they have not achieved a common text to overcome these differences.

“I want to be clear. The deal is not going to be done at any price. If the conditions are not met, there may be no agreement. We are ready for it. France is ready. We are in the process of finalizing it. France is ready for the No Agreement ”, challenged Macron this Thursday.

“Under no conditions can our fishermen be euthanized by Brexit,” Macron said. “We we don’t choose Brexit. It is the choice of the British people. So protecting our fishermen’s access to British waters, finding a good compromise for our fishermen – and he spoke of all the European countries involved, including France, is an important point of discussion for us, ”Macron continued.

The European summit ends this Friday and was officially the last chance to discuss Brexit before the British departure and the end of the transition period.

Downing St reacted with amazement before the position of the Europeans and the tough position of Macron. The EU proposed “two or 3 weeks” of negotiations but demanded from Boris “the necessary movements to make this agreement possible.”

Negotiator Michael Barnier offered to continue negotiations, including weekends. He will arrive in London on Monday to find a deal.

Paris, correspondent


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