Brexit: Johnson sets date for a trade deal with Europe and seeks to change already signed commitments

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The premier set October 15 as the date for a free trade pact with the EU, in negotiations that are already stalled.

The Brexit tango returned in full force. The British government threatens the European Union with signing a free trade agreement for the October 15th with Europe or the EU leaves without fix. He also plans to rewrite the divorce agreement with the European Union, replacing it with British law.

The move stunned British lawmakers because it jeopardizes the carefully struck deal with Northern Ireland. The House of Commons must approve or reject the modifications, in a bill that will enter on Wednesday.

Dr. Von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, warned the kingdom that it is violating international law if it does not implement the agreement and prerequisite for any partnership. If it disavows it, the EU can take Britain to the European Court of Justice.

The Northern Ireland agreement is essential to maintaining peace in the region, following a peace agreement that halted 32 years of civil war and 3,200 deaths. The government defends itself by saying that it wants to remove “ambiguity” from the agreement with Northern Ireland on rates and access.

This new chapter in the Brexit soap opera began at midnight on Sunday, when British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Britain was entering the “last phase” of the negotiation tomorrow. In his opinion, this free trade agreement “must be finalized on October 15” or “we continue.”

“It makes no sense to think of times beyond this point,” said the British prime minister. “The European Union has been very clear with the timetable. I also. It is a necessity to have an agreement with our European friends by the time of the Council of Europe of October 15 if it is to be underway by the end of the year. There is no point in thinking beyond this point. If we cannot agree by then, then I do not see that there will be a free trade agreement between us and the two of us must accept for sure going forward, “he concluded.

“We will always be ready to talk to our European friends even in these circumstances. We will always try to find a sensible space for practical issues such as flights, truck transport, scientific cooperation if the EU wants it. Our door will never be closed and we will trade with our friends and partners but no free trade agreementBoris insisted. He gave as an example the way they trade with Australia, without a trade agreement.

The remarks were announced when European negotiator Michel Barnier is due to arrive in London to meet his negotiating counterpart, Lord David Frost, on Tuesday. Barnier denounces that Britain “wants the best of both worlds.” The EU refuses to discuss Brexit in the Council of October 15: the Covid will be the central theme and economic recovery.

No agreement before December 31, only the rules of the World Trade Organization, with its high customs duties and customs controls, can be applied.

But on Monday morning, Boris Johnson tried to double the bet when he has a conflictive relationship with his party, with the conservative deputies, who demand that he get rid of his super adviser, Dominic Cummings, who is leading the charge and is the Brexit strategist.

The British government is preparing to publish a bill reneging on its EU divorce agreements on Brexit. It was announced this Monday by the Financial Times newspaper. The first surprised were the Conservative deputies, who they had not been informed.

The British government intends to present a bill on Wednesday, which “clearly and consciously will remove the legal weight of certain parts of the divorce agreement ”on Brexit, signed last October by the British Prime Minister, especially in the domain of subsidies and the commitment by the customs of Northern Ireland.

This project will threaten the negotiations, which start this Tuesday and are already extremely tense.

British MPs consider Boris Johnson’s plan to break the Brexit deal as “a treacherous betrayal” crafted by “charlatans.” If the bill goes through Parliament, Boris may lose it.

He has already lost 40 of the 60 of his Angry Labor and Conservative majority MPs, who voted for him against Jeremy Corbyn. The unrest of those remaining is intense against him and Cummings for driving the Covid crisis and the wild method of driving. The 1922 Committee, the highest authority, has demanded that Boris respect his legislators and remove Cummings from his vicinity, in a major party crisis.

Liz Saville Robert, leader of the Welsh Plaid Cymru, has accused the government of “rogue state behavior” by wanting to rewrite the Brexit agreement already signed with the EU.


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