The agreement between the F1 series and the city of Rio to host the race has got Brazilian conservationists on their toes. The last natural forest in the city would be cleared from the path of a possible new F1 track.

Last week, the CEO of the F1 series became public Chase Careyn To the Governor of Rio Claudio Castrolle letter in which he says the F1 series will give the green light to the city’s F1 project.

The preliminary agreement says the city of Rio is well on its way with its new railway project. This was a concern for Brazilians, as the new highway is to clear the area where the rainforest is located.

Following the announcement of the F1 project on Twitter, a petition from a movement opposed to the rail project spread. It has received a lot of attention.

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Although there is already an agreement between Rio and the F1 series, construction work on the track cannot yet begin. It must first be approved by the Brazilian environmental authorities. If there is no permission to cut down trees, Rio will have to look for another place on the track.

Ecclestone’s evil “testament”

Rio has hosted the F1 race in the 1970s and 1980s, but the track used at the time has already been dismantled.

Since 1990, the race venue has been Interlagos in Sao Paulo. It’s one of the favorites for fans and drivers alike, but on the F1 executive level, it’s a stir.

Liberty Media after purchasing the formulas for itself Bernie Ecclestonelta 2017 became clear that the track did not have to pay for hosting the race for the F1 series in the final years of the current contract. It was Ecclestone’s “will” that made it difficult for the new owners to work.

Following the expiry of the agreement, Interlagos and F1 have not been able to agree on the financial figures for the extension agreement.

This opened up an opportunity for Rio to return to formula number one.