Brand-new strain of coronavirus: EU authorizes 12 countries to resume aircraft to Britain to decompress turmoil

The closure of sides from France led to huge pick up truck traffic jams. This Wednesday your situation would begin to ease.

Truckers honk their horns in protest nighttime and daytime in Dover. Desperate neighbors can not sleep and leave their properties to beg or insult these people. Drivers from Eastern Europe as well as Turks have monumental clashes using the guards, who try to divert these to an old abandoned airport to playground. The cargo, especially of dwell shellfish such as lobsters and oysters, it rots in the canisters and billions of euros are at position.

The closure of the edge between Great Britain and France, by simply an unexpected decision of the French federal due to the coronavirus, is the closest factor to a pandemonium.

But typically the chaos begins to find a solution. The WESTERN EUROPEAN authorized 12 European countries that got canceled flights in order to Great Britain to resume them to allow essential travels of stranded people and reduce trade disruption.

The blockade concerning Great Britain and France, decided unilaterally by President Emmanuel Macron, with the process of being resolved, with 5,000 trucks on standby.

French Transport Minister Jean Batiste Djebbari revealed on Tuesday afternoon of which Eurostar fast train flights, ferries and services will restart concerning France and Britain on Wed. But only for French, for those who typically reside in France and for essential workers. All those groups must provide a bad test, according to the minister.

The truckers’ lockdown continued until late Tues.

The EU Commission claimed in a statement that it was “important to adopt rapid temporary precautionary measures” in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

“Bans on flights together with trains must be suspended offered the need to guarantee essential travel and steer clear of interruptions in the supply chain, “he said.

EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders added that “blanket take a trip bans should not prevent thousands of WESTERN EUROPEAN and UK citizens from revisiting home” in the run-up to Xmas.

An agreement to unblock take a trip with France after a closure for any new variant of the coronavirus may possibly come later this Tuesday. This British military would carry out anti-Covid tests on all drivers for them to cross the border. The results will be between 24 to 48 hours at least if not any immediate test is achieved.

But nothing is known about the preparations in case you test positive and must coop. The truth is that many of the 1,five hundred truckers who hope will commit Christmas in a parking lot or on the highway, if they are lucky, but not at home. This atmosphere is explosive.

Europe recommended reactivating trains and aircraft to Great Britain to evacuate men and women stranded by the decision. But you may want to feed the idea that you can go the kingdom if you are not essential or trapped workers.

The UK testing ability for truckers would be located on disused Manston Airport, 20 kilometers north of Dover, which was popped to park heavy vehicles the other day. It would likely involve the use of swift “lateral flow” tests, which can offer results in approximately 15 minutes. Availability will not be yet confirmed.

There are worries within the government about how long it could take to establish such a system. Along with potentially 6,000 drivers daily that need to be examined, the system may possibly display A headache logistic.

More than 1,500 carriers usually are queuing on the M20 or not in use at Kent’s Manston Airport, next France’s decision to detain everyone entering from the UK for 24 hours due to a new variant on the coronavirus.

“French borders closed” announces a flashing sign making ends meet the road. But it does not prevent individuals who were already on the route with their freight sand group in Kent, the location most contaminated by the new different of the virus, in search of an immediate quit from the country.



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