Brad Pitt: the affectionate and suggestive message of love from his girlfriend at a distance

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German model Nicole Poturalski used her social networks to post a romantic and nostalgic post for the actor, from the other side of the Atlantic.

Being Brad Pitt’s girlfriend can have its ups and downs. For Nicole Poturalski, the 27-year-old German model with whom the actor has a romantic relationship currently, you can account for that.

While Pitt is one of the most exposed people in the world, Nicole keeps the profile low, for now. Of course, since the romance with the Hollywood star became known, the number of followers on their social networks doubled.

Just two months ago, Nicole had 100,000 followers on Instagram and now she has reached 235,000. Precisely from that social network, the model posted a photo that she accompanied with a nostalgic message addressed to her boyfriend, across the Atlantic.

Being a model she knows very well how to pose to create the necessary climate. Wearing a bikini and shirt, and slightly disheveled looking straight into the camera, she wrote: “Lovely rainy mornings. How I miss traveling especially in those times …”.

The popularity of this German model, professionally known as Nico Mary, grew exponentially since the relationship with the Hollywood star became public. And even more so when details of the courtship were known: Nicole, who she has a small son, she is also married but with her husband they have an open relationship.

Pitt and Nicole met in Berlin, at the restaurant owned by the model’s husband, a place where, in 2009, he had also filmed scenes of Inglorious Bastards, the film directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Pitt’s courtship with Nicole for now remains quite far from the paparazzi who only managed to see them together on a couple of occasions: the first, sharing a Kanye West show in Los Angeles, and the last was in August of this year, going up to a private plane in the south of France, where the actor has a residence.

On the other hand, the professional obligations of both keep them apart for a long time, ocean in between. And the contact becomes virtual.

At 56, Pitt appears to be in a great professional moment. Ten days ago she starred in a video as a model for the traditional Italian tailoring Brioni, born in 1945 and the campaign was obviously a success.

Personally, despite the twists and turns, the actor maintains a good relationship with his former partners. On the one hand just launched a champagne, product of his winery, a venture he shares with Angelina Jolie, despite being in the process of divorce.

The drink is called “Fleur de Miraval” and is launched in an exclusive and limited edition of 20,000 bottles.

With his other ex, Jennifer Aniston, he also has an excellent relationship. This was demonstrated in a zoom that both shared, less than a month ago, and that went around the world.

Aniston and Pitt, along with other stars, participated in a live script reading, raising funds for a charity. At the meeting they played flirt and the exchange went viral.

With his sights set on 2021, Pitt will continue his romance with Nicole, between one continent and another, while prepares two new film projects: a drama with Emma Stone, and an action thriller based on a Japanese novel. Everything, according to the times that the pandemic marks.



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