The world of boxing is outraged at the behavior of Judge Terry O’Connor, who was ‘caught’ by consulting his mobile phone during a fight. Television cameras they caught how he got confused and the networks have had no mercy.

The British judge was one of those charged with arbitrating the duel between the English Lewis Ritson and the mexican Miguel Vazquez, which ended with victory of the first after a tight arbitration decision that was not without controversy.

That is why the images of O’Connor looking at the phone they ran like wildfire through the network and soon went around the world, causing the outrage of the followers of this sport.

Among the criticisms of the veteran judge are those who stand out the important and decisive work of observation to be done by the referees during a fight. This time O’Connor did not hesitate to concede victory to his compatriot, although with controversy because another of the judges considered that the winner should be the Mexican.

The episode of the British referee has raised a huge dust in the world of the ring, since many voices have called for O’Connor’s dismissal, while others have called the incident “embarrassing” and “disturbing”.