Bottas outraged gender inequality in sports

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Finnish Mercedes racer Valtteri Bottas spoke on social networks on a topic somewhat unexpected, albeit sharp, which, of course, attracted increased attention.

He was amazed that the prize fund, which was distributed among the men who participated in the Belgian cycling race Ronde Van Vlaanderen, was many times greater than the similar payments to the representatives of the opposite sex who took part in the same competition.

However, it is understandable why Bottas was outraged: his friend, Australian cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, started in this race. Although, perhaps, in his place, many would have done the same.

Judge for yourself: the winner in the men’s competition is entitled to a cash prize of 20 thousand euros, while the fastest cyclist is paid only 1395 euros.

Valtteri calculated that this winner received approximately 82 euros for each kilometer of distance, while the best cyclist received less than 10 euros.

“It’s not about money, it’s about equality,” he writes. “After all, men and women have to make the same effort to win this race, don’t they?”

Bottas also cited excerpts from last year’s Ronde Van Vlaanderen regulations, from which it is clear that there is no question of any equality at all.

The publication drew a lot of comments, and most of the fans agree with Bottas, but some still decided to remind that he himself is in a more than privileged position. By some estimates, his annual fees at Mercedes are in the order of $ 8 million.

Even one of the Finnish politicians, a member of the country’s parliament from the right-wing True Finns party, Jani Mäkelä, reacted, writing with a fair amount of sarcasm: “Continue to kneel down. Maybe then you will begin to understand something. “

Apparently, this man meant that Valtteri, like most Formula 1 drivers this season, goes down on one knee in the traditional anti-racist solidarity action that precedes every Grand Prix.

Bottas did not find it necessary to react to Mäkel’s remark.



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