“Bottas in negotiations with Alfa Romeo to get a seat for 2022”

Mercedes Formula 1 will announce next year’s teammate for Lewis Hamilton this summer, but it may not be known until later. Toto Wolff, Mercedes team boss has confirmed this. Valtteri bottas seems to be already preparing for a departure form the championship structure.

Mercedes announced recently that Lewis Hamilton had signed a two-year contract. However, it is still not known who will replace the seven-time world champion next year. Valtteri Bottas, who has been driving for Mercedes since 2017, will be fighting for the second place. Toto Wolff said Hamilton preferred a longer relationship with Bottas. But, the British world champion does not have any say in the filling.

“We are always very transparent to our drivers and because of my personal relationship with Lewis we talk about a lot of things. Wolff spoke exclusively with Wolff about one of these things: “Of course, that was also the choice for the second driver.” Motorsport.com. “But Lewis has in no way tried to exert influence. He also has not expressed any clear opinions about the person he believes should be driving the car. We all know that he likes working with Valtteri. Although we know everything about his partnership with Valtteri’s, he has never stated that he prefers it.

When asked if Hamilton would also be happy with Russell as a teammate, Wolff replied: “Lewis is okay with both scenarios. He understands the pros and cons of Valtteri and George all too well.”

Bottas is shown in the Alfa Romeo picture as a replacement to Raikkonen

Mercedes hasn’t yet made a decision but Russell seems more likely to be allowed to ride in the second Mercedes next Year. Bottas may have been spooked by this suspicion, as he is believed to be looking for other options before 2022. According to our German sister publication, Williams could return. Motorsport-Total.comBottas also appears on Alfa Romeo’s wish list. According to reports, the Finn’s management has spoken with Frederic Vasseur, principal of Alfa Romeo team.

The contracts of Alfa Romeo’s Kimi Raikkonen, Antonio Giovinazzi and Antonio Giovinazzi expire this year. Fans should be prepared for a Raikkonen Formula 1 departure. The Finnish driver has not been able too break too many pots in this year’s race. It is not helpful that the 2007 world champion would make around ten million dollars a year. Giovinazzi has to worry about his seat because Alfa Romeo is not tied to Ferrari regarding the driver selection. Bottas could be the next driver to arrive, having ten years previously driven in Formula 3 and GP3 For ART. Vasseur was the team’s boss at that time.

“I’ve heard the Quadrifoglio is a good car,” Wolff jokes, when he continues Motorsport.comRumours are swirling that Bottas could have an Alfa Romeo Giulia in Bottas’ driveway next year. “Valtteri is fast, he has a good character and he is a team player. This is very important in a team. I’ve noticed a positive shift in his attitude in the last races. It can be seen on the track. If he had the slipstream, he could have been on pole. He was only a few seconds ahead of the leaders and he won the race. I’m pleased with that.

You might have to put off making your decision for a while.

Bottas can make a point by getting a good result in Hungary. “It’s not about making a point. It’s all about getting our heads together and coming to a conclusion about Mercedes’s line-up. This summer, we will make that decision. We’ll let you know when it becomes public. Wolff immediately suggests that we don’t have to rely on any news regarding the second Mercedes-Benz seat during the summer break. “Not necessarily yes.”


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