Bosnian family expelled from France for shaving daughter

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France he has expelled this saturday at five bosnians, members of the family of a Muslim adolescent who was beaten and shaved last August as punishment for her relationship with a boy Christian Serbian. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, has explained in a statement that the expulsion is the consequence of the “inadmissible behavior of this family” with “a teenager in love with a young Serbian of another confession”.

Darmanin has specified that the five members of the surname Zairovith have been sent to Sarajevo and that the French social services are going to take care of the girl, who is 17 years old, until she comes of age, when she will be given a residence permit.

The French Government’s decision comes a day after the Besançon Correctional Court sentenced the girl’s parents and uncles to prison terms and expulsion from France.

The Interior Minister had already warned that the young Bosnian’s uncles, who had arrived in France in 2016 and who had been granted refugee status, had “nothing to do” in this country and that they would be expelled when the judicial proceeding will end.

The girl had told investigators that her relatives punched and kicked her and that they opposed her intention to marry her Serbian boyfriend “because of the religion“, which the defendants denied during the process.

The news of the expulsion comes in a sequence of firm gestures by the French Government against Islamic fundamentalism after the jihadist attack on October 16. That day, Professor Samuel Paty was beheaded by a young Chechen near the school where he taught in the Paris region after being the victim of a campaign on social networks for showing his students the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a class. dedicated to freedom of expression.



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