Bose again comes with sleeping earplugs for a better night’s sleep

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Bose comes back with sleep earplugs for sleeping, the Bose Sleepbuds II. The audio equipment manufacturer already released a version of the earphones in 2018, but had to remove it from the shelves due to battery problems. These have been fixed in the new version writes Bose.

The Sleepbuds are comparable to other wireless earphones. You connect them to your phone via Bluetooth and they are equipped with noise suppression, which suppresses ambient noise.

Unlike normal earphones, no music comes from the Sleepbuds and you cannot make calls with them. Instead, they aim to improve your sleep. For example, if you are easily bothered by outside noises or if someone is snoring. In addition to the noise reduction, the earplugs can play soothing sounds, so that you fall asleep more easily.

The biggest problem with the first version of the Sleepbuds was that they didn’t last long enough. The battery did not last all night, so users’ sleep was still disrupted. The problems could not be easily resolved, so Bose decided to recall the ears.

This new version of the Sleepbuds uses a new battery, which is also in hearing aids. The new battery should last up to 10 hours, more than enough for the average night’s sleep.

The Sleepbuds II are available from October 13 and cost 269.95 euros.



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