Borja Valero, viola idol, returns to Fiorentina

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“Eight years ago I arrived with the doubts of someone facing a new life, in a new city, in a new country. Today I return with the conscience and the absolute certainty of being at home ”. With these words, Borja Valero celebrated his return to Fiorentina, made official this Thursday. The Spanish midfielder leaves Inter Milan and returns to the team free viola, in which he is an idol for the fans, who have not forgotten him. The international with the selection is the Spanish with the fourth most appearances in Italy with 248 appearances, behind José Callejón (255), Luis del Sol (278) and Luis Suárez (318). The social networks of the fans have been filled with messages of welcome to the one they nickname mayor (mayor in Italian).

Borja Valero, 35, left a great impact on both the team lilies as in the city of Florence. The mayor himself, Dario Nardella, has celebrated the return of Spanish on social networks, wishing him luck in his “second term” and inviting him to Palazzo Vecchio. In his first stage, he played a total of 212 games, the sixth foreigner who has played the most games dressed in purple. His biggest milestone was bringing the team back to European competitions and transforming a team that roamed the middle of the table into a truly competitive team. He reached a Cup final in 2014 and a Europa League semi-finals in 2015. In his five years in Tuscany, he scored 17 goals and delivered 45 assists since the club signed him from Villarreal in 2012 until he headed to Milan in 2017. .

With the Inter shirt, Valero has played three seasons in which it went from more to less. In his first year, he managed to give back to the team black and blue to European competitions after six years away from the head of the Italian league. Luciano Spalletti gave him command of the midfield and the Real Madrid youth squad showed gallons and a great connection with Mauro Icardi. However, the Italian coach began to count less on the Spanish and his importance in the team was gradually diluted. He went from playing 33 league games as a starter to just 12 in one year. This last season, with Antonio Conte sitting on the bench and an ambitious project to challenge Juventus for the title, he has only come out nine times in the starting 11. Finally, Inter fell in the UEFA Europa League final against Sevilla and ended up with no options to fight for Serie A. After a campaign with a residual participation, Valero announced his intention to leave Milan at the end of August after 100 games and five goals from blue and black.

He mayor He has always recognized his love for Florence and its people, a city that he considers home. When she left the entity in 2017, she admitted that she never wanted to leave the club, but that the economic situation and her problems with the board of directors at that time prompted her to make the decision to leave. Now, with a different president and with the team in a situation similar to when he arrived in 2012, away from European positions, he seeks to show that he still has a lot of high-level football on his boots. The idol viola he returns to Florence, where he has been happier.


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