The judge has agreed to dismissal of the proceedings against Borja Fernández in the Oikos case of supposed match fixes, with which the footballer is unlinked of the procedure with loss of investigated status, despite the fact that the investigation phase has not yet concluded.

In a car dated Monday made known to the parties this Wednesday, the judge of first instance and instruction number 5 of Huesca considers that there is no “sufficient incriminating evidence in the case or conclusive that justifies the eventual opening of oral proceedings “.

But also, once Borja Fernández’s phone dump was received, there is no provision for “new investigation procedures” in relation to their participation in the events.

The fact that is being investigated and that was provisionally attributed to Borja Fernández, who was captain of Real Valladolid at that time, is the predetermination of the result of the match that was played in Valladolid on May 18, 2019 against Valencia, for the latter to win, as it actually happened.

The judge, in his car, praise the good work of the police when collecting evidence, but recognizes that in the investigation and prosecution of this type of crime it is very difficult to have “personal and direct” evidence Unless a confession occurs.

And although it considers that there is a “reasonable suspicion” of the participation of Borja Fernández in the investigated events, does not have “a conviction of sufficient entity” to allow a formal imputation and, where appropriate, the opening of oral proceedings.