“If we relax now, we risk losing control of this virus again, wasting the hard-earned gains and forcing ourselves into a new lockdown in the new year, with all the damage that entails. I know this will bring a lot of hassle and special frustration to our hospitality industry. I would like it to be different, but if we are to keep the schools open properly, then our options for overcoming this disease are limited, “Boris Johnson was quoted as saying by the international press.

The British Prime Minister wanted to thank those who followed the rules imposed during the lockdown, saying that thanks to them the medical system managed not to be overwhelmed and to avoid collapse.

Boris Johnson’s statements were made in the context in which the current national restrictions expire on December 2, and the London government, as well as the local Scottish government, presented the rules that will be imposed during the holidays. The UK is set to return to a three-tier set of restrictions, with the health minister announcing to parliament which regions will face the harshest restrictions after December 2.

All over England, non-essential stores will be able to reopen, and telework will continue to be recommended.

But in areas with the highest alert levels, such as Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol and Leeds (23 million people in total), pubs and restaurants will remain closed and can be packaged and delivered. Meetings between people from different households, both indoors and in open spaces, except in parks, will be prohibited.

In London, as in most of England (32 million people), the risk is considered “high” (level 2): ​​pubs and restaurants can serve food, and meetings will be limited to six people outside.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced the Scottish Parliament that the restrictions will be relaxed at Christmas on 23-27 December to allow citizens to travel to the UK to meet friends and family.

England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland agreed earlier this week to ease Christmas restrictions so people can see their families. Some of these rules for December 23-27 allow the British to meet with families from two other households, but only in private homes, places of worship and outdoor spaces. Agerpres.

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