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There is rebellion in the conservative ranks for a law of the prime minister to rewrite the agreement with the EU.

Brexit as the worst days in Britain. The rewriting of the divorce agreement between the kingdom and the European Union, decided by Prime Minister Boris Johnson and due to be voted on in Parliament next week, has caused a conservative rebellion against his own government. It is led by Theresa May and John Major, two former Toris prime ministers, and Lord Howard, the party leader and who fired Boris Johnson when he lied about his affairs, a reputed lawyer in London.

They and the 1922 Committee, the most powerful in the party, believe that the rewriting of the agreement, which will begin to be discussed on Monday, will forever erode British respectability in the face of legal commitments, the credibility of the kingdom and will have serious implications. in subsequent free trade agreements, he wants to sign the post-Brexit kingdom. They consider the decision of their government “a violation of international law.”

A strong interparliamentary mobilization has been set in motion to do sink this project by Boris Johnson and his advisor, Dominic Cummings to renege on the agreement signed by themselves. It was approved by the EU and the British Parliament and now jeopardizes the customs protocol in Northern Ireland, crucial to keeping the peace.

The new internal market bill is due to be voted on next week in the House of Commons and Lords, where Lord Howard and John Mayor consider that “it wont happen”.

Former Minister Bob Neil has already imposed an amendment to generate a parliamentary veto to the new bill that is underway in the Commons.

Lord Howard, a former home secretary, former chairman of the Conservatives and a prestigious legal scholar, said that for him, “It was a sad day when Northern Ireland’s secretary, Brandon Lewis, admitted that the Brexit amendment on the European agreement violated the international law ”.

“I never imagined that it was something I was going to hear from a British minister, less from a conservative minister, which is the government that is inviting parliament to act in breach of international law,” Howard said this Friday, in an interview with Sky News, the British channel.

Howard highlighted the argument that is on the lips of Tories, Labor, Scottish nationalists and Welsh MPs. “We have a reputation for probity, for upholding the rule of law, and a reputation that it is precious and must be safeguarded. Unfortunately it has been severely damaged by what was said on Tuesday and by the law that is now before Parliament, ”Howard said.

It was he who assured that he believes that the bill will not pass the House of Lords, when the European Union is going to launch sanctions and take the case to the European Court of Justice if they do not respect the agreement already signed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under fire from party heavyweights: Theresa May and John Major were joined by former Chancellor of Finance Lord Lamont, who strongly criticized the proposals. They were joined by former immigration minister Damien Green and the government’s attorney general, Oliver Heald, who supports the veto amendment in the House of Commons.

One of the peculiarities of the rebellion is that they are the Brexiteers themselves those who support the amendment of the veto and against the rewriting of the agreement. They consider that “reneging on the agreement will damage any possibility of signing international post-Brexit agreements for Great Britain.”

Threats of trial from the 27 EU countries are not going to make Boris and Cummings give in. By video link 27 representatives from each of the nations of the Union joined yesterday the meeting of Michael Gove and Maros Sefcpvic, the vice president of the European Commission, in London. They demanded that remove the rewrite. Minister Michael Gove warned them that Britain will not withdraw it.

The danger to Boris Johnson, his renegade agreement and his new law comes from a pincer movement within his own party, which can not only make him lose but also generate a vote of confidence to end his government.

It is his own party that is fed up with him and Dominic Cummings, with their strategy against Covid 19, the “ethnic cleansing” among public officials who exercise real power in the British state and their decision to ignore their own deputies, demanding the departure of Cummings along with the powerful 1922 Committee.

The revolt is led by Theresa May, who has returned to the House of Commons as deputy and suffered Boris and the Brexiteers during the negotiations.

The Lords are the ones with the ability to reject and delay the law, with which Boris intends to prepare for a no-deal departure from the EU and continue with the rules of the World Trade Organization.


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