The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson did not bow to the EU’s aspirations to lower its own negotiating targets.

Johnson had piled up post-Brexit cooperation similar to what Canada has with the EU, even though Canada’s geographical distance to the EU internal market is significantly longer than that of Britain.

– I am to understand that they have forsaken the Free Trade Agreement. There doesn’t seem to be any progress from the direction of Brussels, Johnson said in a televised speech.

– It is obvious that the EU does not want an agreement like Canada, which we asked for earlier.

Johnson pretends not to understand that Canada is in a decisively different position from Britain, which has been operating in the internal market for 45 years. It is clear, for example, that Canadian fishermen do not want to continue working in the English Channel like their French counterparts. Or rather than just importing dairy products from Canada across the border into Ireland.

However, Johnson denied that Britain would suspend the Brexit talks. In his view, the country is still ready for an agreement.

– Naturally, we are ready to listen if there is a decisive change in their attitude. But the situation did not seem very encouraging at the Brussels summit.

– Still want to control our legal freedom and our fishing grounds in a way that is completely unacceptable for an independent state.

If no agreement is reached, EU-Britain business relations will fall on the basic framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

– We need to prepare for the first day of January to act in accordance with the principles of global trade. Now only our companies need to be prepared for that.

President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen stamped Johnson’s speeches already as a negotiation tactic.

– Just as we planned, our group will travel to London next week as negotiations intensify, von der Leyen tweeted.