Boris Johnson wanted to avoid announcing a new quarantine period for Britain as much as possible, due to fears about how it would affect the country’s economy and the “pre-Christmas nightmare” that this period would represent for the UK. local businesses, according Metro.

However, he gave in when he was warned of the potential disaster of the second wave of infections, which would be “twice as bad as the first”, leading to about 85,000 deaths in the winter.

The head of the NHS, Sir Simon Stevens, allegedly even presented him with a terrible plan, which suggested preserving the bodies of the dead inside the country’s ice rinks. “The prime minister has been given some accurate information about the people who are in hospitals now and there has been no room for debate,” a member of the government’s advisory committee told Mail on Sunday.

According to the current infection rate, hospitals would soon be overcrowded and the number of daily deaths would have reached 4,000, according to him.

The new measures require people to leave their homes only for exercise or shopping, and restaurants and bars, as well as other businesses considered non-essential, will be closed (except for deliveries). Schools and universities will remain open.