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The British Prime Minister, the Conservative Boris Johnson, defended on Monday the need for a confinement in England to avoid collapse of the health system, compared to criticism from the hard wing of his own party, that warns of the economic consequences of that measure.

Despite the fact that a group of conservative deputies threatens to vote against restrictions announced by Johnson this weekend, the House of Commons is expected to approve on Wednesday, with the backing of the Labor opposition, the government’s plan to limit the mobility and contacts of the population.

If the proposal is successful, from that midnight there will be non-essential businesses closed and the citizens who do not leave home Except for justified reasons until next December 2.

Contagions on the rise

Johnson has ended up decreeing a lockdown after several weeks in which he refused to follow the advice of some of his scientific advisers, who they urged to impose drastic measures to slow the rapid spread of the virus in England, where the incidence has risen to 225 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days.

In the last 24 hours, infections have increased by 18,950 in the UK as a whole and deaths in 136, up to a total of 46,853 deaths since the pandemic began, according to the latest official figures.

Before Parliament, the head of Government stressed that his intention is to return within four weeks to a regional restriction system, with tougher limitations in the areas with the highest incidence of the epidemic, and assured that he will then call a new vote for the deputies to pronounce on the next steps to follow.

However, members of the Executive have warned in recent days that it is not ruled out that the confinement lasts longer than expected if the data on the transmission of the coronavirus does not improve enough.

“Totalitarian state”

The vice president of the conservative parliamentary group, Charles Walker, affirmed that voting against confinement is the only recourse available to him against the drift “towards a totalitarian and coercive state” that in his eyes the Johnson Executive has taken over.

The president of the group of “Tories”, Graham Brady, also criticized the new restrictions, who demanded from the leader of his formation an in-depth analysis on “the cost of confinement in terms of jobs to be lost “and” businesses to close. “

Internal criticism from conservatives coincides with the announcement on Monday that the Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, one of the leaders of the campaign in favor of leaving the European Union (EU), plans to change the name of the formation by Reform UK.

The new ideology of the party will focus on criticize restrictions due to the pandemic and will bet on group “immunity” as the best strategy to fight the virus.

With that program, the Farage can face their first choices in local elections scheduled in England next year.

The popular support for strict confinement It stands at 72% of the English population, according to a poll released today by the YouGov firm, below the 93% that supported the restrictions in March, when similar measures were imposed to curb the first wave of the pandemic.

System collapse

Johnson justified the need for a new confinement given the finding that the virus progresses faster of which the public system is capable of increasing its capacity.

“If we allow hospitals end up collapsed, exactly as the data are suggesting, not only would it be a disaster for thousands of covid patients, because their survival rate would fall, but we would also reach a point where public health would no longer be able to serve everyone, “he said Johnson.

“Nobody wants to impose measures unless it is absolutely essential,” added the conservative leader, who weeks ago said that a new confinement would be “disastrous” for the country.

He assured that some English hospitals already have more patients admitted with coronavirus that during the maximum peak of the first wave of the pandemic and that if immediate measures are not taken, the number of deaths this winter would exceed that which has already been recorded so far.

Criticism of Labor

For the leader of the Labor opposition, Keir Starmer, the government has been late to impose a strict lockdown.

He recalled that the scientific advisers of the Executive recommended in late September to impose tough limitations for two or three weeks to stop the advance of the virus and regretted that it took more than 40 days to comply with the advice of the experts.

“The main lesson of the first wave was that if you do not act soon the cost will be much worse”

“The main lesson of the first wave of this virus was that if you do not act quickly and decisively, the cost will be much worse. More people will lose their jobs, more companies will be forced to close and, tragically, more people will lose their jobs. loved ones, “Starmer said.



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