Arto Terosen and Jouko Vuolteen writing Mat’s world in a new book called (Kirjapaja), is also omitted Matti Nykänen and Mervi Tapolan common years.

The book tells how that episode was grueling for many parties.

– Matti Nykänen’s time with Mervi Tapola was a sad period for both Mati and Mervi and also for the families of both – and for Tapola’s business, at least if he borrows Mervi’s brother Jarmo Tapola, the book states.

– As a clean world champion, it would have been a good advertisement for the company, now he became a reputation, Jarmo Tapola, who has already passed away, has stated.

– However, Jarmo Tapola himself could be blamed, at least in part, because it was he who grabbed Mati, who had just been left homeless after the third divorce, in the sauna, throwing a dart from the yard of the uproar businessman Carl Danhammer. During the sauna trip, Matti met Mervi, first thought he was Jarmo’s wife, the book says.

Soon the misunderstanding cleared up, and the homeless Nykänen tube bag was next found in Mervi’s beach sauna. In 2001, Nykänen entered into his fourth marriage when he and Mervi Taponen were married for the first time.

“Like a jerky go-go dancer”

In the same year, Matti Nykänen started his collaboration with his ex-band friend again Jussi Niemen with. First an advertisement for Matti cider was created, followed by gigs and in 2006 the third album was released Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.

Admittedly, the cider ad was soon withdrawn from the market because it was not considered appropriate due to Nykänen’s alcohol-smoky background.

In any case, the gigs started rolling, but now the fresh bride Mervi Tapola also put her own spoon in the soup.

– Once at the Tapiola Garden Hotel, Mesta’s gig was full and Matti pulled just fine, I was there. Then came Mervi, announced that he was going to perform and stuck on stage, attacked there to swing just like dizzy Eskimo, for whom liquor and sugar fit as badly as Mervi, ”Ile Vainio uploads in the book.

– Matti was kind and tried to protect Mervi in ​​that situation, handle it professionally with the band. First those gigs were mixed by Mike Sierra and other special horns, then Mervi. My own wife was a jerky go go dancer, she wanted to be on stage, Matti sometimes had to pull quite a sleigh, ”Vainio is amazed in the book.

Also Matti Nykänen’s last wife, Also Nykänen, tells about his own gig memory. So at that time he and Matti had nothing to do yet. Pia was at a gig with her friend.

At the time, it was unclear at all whether Nykänen would come on stage or not, as he was known to have been in “wild condition” at the previous gig.

– It came, and had taken, but was not in as bad a condition as Mervi, who had an old tuned t-shirt and her hair fluttered. Mervi tore the microphone from Mati’s hand and shouted what had happened. Matti sometimes went to take a bang, Pia Nykänen wrote her gig memory in the book.

Esa Nummela, who later worked as a gig seller, says that he has seen and experienced Matti Nykänen for a good time. “Jeff will Niemen I’ve got to hear how terrible the time had been with Mervin.

The book says that Mervi’s behavior at Mati’s gigs went so far that the program office demanded an addition to a gig contract that Mervi must not come 30 meters closer to the stage.

– It is a rarity among similar agreements.

In her final years, Mervi Tapola contracted stomach cancer. Although the couple’s coexistence had been contentious, Matti sent his greetings to his sick ex-wife.

Eventually, they both died in the same year. Matti died in February 2019 and Mervi in ​​October.