In a recent book Mat’s world, written by Art Teronen and Jouko Vuolle (Kirjapaja) tells how Matti Nykänen always wanted his reward in cash and preferably in advance.

After his first record Night of surprises was published in 1992, Matti Nykänen arrived at the release festival late and “lightly drunk”.

– Hi Vainio, where are my millions ?, Nykänen shouted at the door the producer To Ile Vainio.

– I said that Matti will take care of this opportunity first and then the money will come to the account.

Former former manager Juhani Mansikkamäki tells in the book how hard sums were paid for Nykänen ‘s gigs at best.

– Went to Lake Evijärvi. The price of the gig was FIM 45,000. Already a kilometer before the venue, the cheeks of the road were full of cars and the whole area was quite swollen, probably more than 4,000 people.

The book states that the leader of the band Jussi Niemi recalls that in Seiska’s interview there were more than 6,000 people in Evijärvi and that the traffic jams lasted until morning.

Burned a banknote

At the peak of his gig popularity, Mat had a lot of money.

The book tells the story of a movement in Jyväskylä, according to which Matti would have asked a friend to get drinks and given a hundred.

– But when the guy refused to serve, Matti had taken a lighter, set a hundred on fire and only the ashes remained in the cup.

In the book, a friend recalls how Nykänen, who had bought tobacco at a bar counter, had flashed his wallet, it had been full of FIM 500 banknotes.

The book tells us that for Nykänen, cash in particular was a measure of absolute value, and it had to be literally full of pockets.

Manager Juhani Mansikkamäki remembers situations when Mati’s compulsive need for cash came to the fore.

– I tried to get Matt to take the money to the bank, and in the end I was persuaded to have a joint account from which one can only withdraw with the approval of both. Well, it didn’t work long. The women of the bank called me about what to do when Nykänen shouts here in the lobby of the bank and demands money. I said that now it is wisest to let other customers not be disturbed by the shouting.

Died in debt

The book recalls how Matti already earned considerable sums in his jumping career from, among other things, newspaper articles.

The book states that, for example, in 1989, according to the history of United Picture Magazines, the Society paid Nykänen FIM 175,000 for seven exclusive cases, which is about 50,000 euros in current money.

After his career, Matti earned “astronomical sums” in Seiska between 2000 and 2010, as he became known as his credit journalist. Kai Merilä has revealed in an interview with Iltalehti.

– Matti pulled Seiska from the editor-in-chief about the next most. Frankly, Kai Merilä said in an interview with Iltalehti after Mati’s death.

Although Matti earned quite well, the reckless use of money and the herd of wings made the expenses quite high.

At the time of his death, Matti had little left to recover his property, instead his debts.