Finnish long line form reporter Heikki Kulta was perhaps the first journalist in the world to know a McLaren driver Kimi Räikkönen transfer to Ferrari in 2007.

Gold, 65, recalls in his book Iceman – Kim on the way (Readme) the moment when Räikkönen decided to reveal that the wildest speculation in the formula world is true.

Räikkönen’s Ferrari agreement was not publicly confirmed until September 2006, but years later Räikkönen has revealed that the matter was already agreed in the previous year.

Heikki Kulta found out about it in early 2006.

Surprise in the garage

In the book, Kulta says that he was at a chat gig with Räikkönen in Switzerland. After the interview, the party took it easy until Räikkönen suggested to his credit reporter that he wanted to show him something.

However, no one should be told about this, Räikkönen swore.

Gold followed the formula star down to the garage. In the corner, under the red cover, something rested.

– Kimi pulled the blanket off and swimming under it revealed a brand new red-glowing Ferrari Enzo. The driver said nothing. A mere glance at his mysteriously smiling face told it all. At that moment, I knew that Räikkönen’s Ferrari contract had been made, Gold writes.

A colleague thought he was the fastest

In the book, Kulta tells of the absurd period that followed the visit, when he had to present the ignorant of the agreement between Räikkönen and Ferrari. Gold, like other journalists, was curious about Räikkönen’s future, although in reality he knew the real edge.

Poka was holding on during the season as a German journalist Michael Schmidt told Kulla that he was the first in the world to know about Räikkönen ‘s transfer to Ferrari. Schimdt had received confirmation in the summer of his own source from inside the stable, so he was right. However, not the first, as he claimed.

– After promising Kim not to spoil my visit, I then performed with Michael as if I were hearing the whole thing for the first time, Kulta said.

Räikkönen won the world championship in his first Ferrari season in a memorable way. In total, the Finn drove in the stable for eight seasons in 2007–2009 and 2014–2018. At that time, he grew into one of the biggest drivers of the stable ever.

The sections in italics are quotes from the book Iceman – Kim’s Journey (Readme).