Heidi Herala got into the Theater Academy with her first attempt in 1979. The school itself then took a harder shot. Liisa Talvitien writing in his biography Theater for life (January 2020) Herala recalls her harsh experiences. They are specifically related Jouko Turkan teaching methods and the way they treat their young students.

The pain took away the ability to walk

Herala did catch up to why Turkey emphasized so much physicality, but sometimes the exercises went unreasonable. Students did not dare to defy the demands even at the risk of their health.

Once students had to jump a hundred times with their knees to their chest. For Herala, the exercise was challenging because she had a congenital spinal depression. He did not dare refused the exercise, which caused such intense pain that he was unable to walk for a moment. The congenital ailment was so bad that in the late days of theater school he underwent surgery and a month of mid-body plaster.

Once Herala had broken her hand after falling from the stage. His fear of Turkey was so great that eventually his brother took Turka with a sick leave certificate. It ordered the use of a plastered hand to be avoided.

In the school’s next drama rehearsals, Turk shouted to Herala that now you were going to walk with your hands. It would not have succeeded even in good health.

– Now cover your own reactions! Turkey shouted. He had wanted to see how others would react.

The situation was so traumatic for Herala that Turkey became distressed.

– In them, Jouko Turkka’s eyes were sometimes wedged on the wall, sometimes on the ceiling. It led to long-term therapy, in which Heidi tried to get rid of the mental pressure caused by Turkka, the book says.

The worst was shouting

Turkey also hurt with words. Afterwards, Herala heard that Turk had used him as an example of a bad actor.

Even during school, there was a lot of insulting with words and shouts. In 1983, he sang Herala for completing this course.

– I’ve done so I might work up, you do not näyttäs weather sun from parents, and goddamn it, I’ve failed completely. Now the weather looks like both of them! Herala says that Turk has said.

Turk’s words left a deep imprint Marja Korhosen and Helge Herala at that time a little on top of her twenties daughter.

– I was terribly afraid and believed every word he said and shouted. That shout was the worst, worse than the words, Herala says in the book.

Although the actor had to deal with wounds caused by Turkey in therapy, he surprisingly thinks he will end up being quite a Turkish actor.

– By that I mean a demanding attitude to work and physicality, an internal fire that is so intense that sometimes I have to hold on to myself so that I don’t get too relaxed when I look for contrasts in my expression.