Actor Heidi Herala recalls its tragic loss Liisa Talvitien in a biography he wrote Theater for life (January 2020).

Herala had just turned 14 weeks old when her big brother Jarkko died. Twenty-one-year-old Jarkko had left together with his friend Teemu Kassilan with Huittinen Reserve. The duo were to meet a mutual friend and teach the prisoners yoga and meditation. After getting rid of drugs, Jarkko had gotten his life on track and found yoga and meditation.

Before leaving, Jarkko had quarreled with his father Helge Herala. Dad didn’t want to lend the boys a car, so the boys borrowed the car from elsewhere.

The driving conditions were lousy during the winter. On the way back to Helsinki at 3.15 pm, the boys’ car drifted on a snowy road in front of a brick truck. Unconscious boys were rushed to the hospital. Jarkko was diagnosed with a fracture of the base of the skull that required immediate surgery.

Information about the accident did not reach family members until hours later. The confusion was caused by the fact that Jarkko had a checkbook with his brother Turo. Herala and Korhonen had an outdated telephone number in the telephone directory, so the flow of information from Töölö Hospital to the parents of the seriously injured boy was interrupted.

Finally, it was invented to call the National Theater from the hospital, where the mother and daughter, Marja Korhonen and Heidi Herala, acted Niskavuori Heta in the play. Mother in the role of Loviisa, daughter as a little maid. Marja Korhonen played the news to her husband at home and had to put herself on the stage. He protected his daughter from information while they were still in the theater.

Grief confused life

Memories of the rest of the evening at home have disappeared in Heidi Herala’s opinion. The next morning he remembers.

– In the morning, Dad came next to me and said that Jarkko is now dead. My first reaction was anger – that kind of feeling can rise as a first reaction from grief. I cried why the doctors had not done everything in front of Jarko in the hospital, Heidi Herala says in the book.

The father promised that the daughter would not have to go to school. He still left because he had prepared for the day’s test.

– The teacher met me with his hands and hugged. However, after starting the experiment, I started crying and went back home.

The departure of a brother close to him happened so that he had to interrupt his schooling. For a long time, however, private tuition did not work, and Heidi returned to the Steiner school below class. The family sought comfort in the media sessions and Heidi also attended therapy.

Crying after 40 years

Something had still gone unaddressed. In her old age, Helge Herala wanted to discuss Jarkko’s death. The daughter rejected the intention.

A couple of years ago, Heidi broke up after watching her son Lauri Maijalan directed by Mustarasta at the COM Theater. The play is a true story of the actor Eeva Soivion of the lost brother.

– My cry in the theater lobby was awful. The crying came as if from the back through the chest as someone feeling pent up inside erupted after decades. Untreated grief and sadness had led to me not remembering everything that had happened at the time of Jarkko’s death, he says in the book.