Book claims: She was stalked by Jeffrey Epstein

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The daughter of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden is said to have been targeted by Jeffrey Epstein, writes author Ian Halperin in his work “CONTROVERSY: Sex, Lies and Dirty Money By The World’s Powerful Elite”.

Jeffrey Epstein, † 66, was a man with connections in the highest international circles; associated with representatives from business, politics, showbiz and European royalty. After the names Prince Andrew, 60, and Princess Mette-Marit, 47, the name Princess Madeleine, 38, is now related to Epstein.

In his book “Controversy: Sex, Lies and the Dirty Money of the World’s Mighty Elite”, Ian Halperin writes about the connection between the rich, the beautiful and the royals and the convicted sex offender. The Swedish magazine “Svenk Damtidning” was amazed that Princess Madeleine appears on the book cover. What does Madeleine have to do with Epstein?

Princess Madeleine targeted by Jeffrey Epstein

Ian Halperin told the paper: “I heard that Epstein met Madeleine and her mother at a charity event (…). When Madeleine lived in New York, he says that Princess Madeleine is the sexiest royal in the world. He was obsessed with her. ” Epstein’s obsession is said to have gone so far that he had Madeleine persecuted. Halperin claims that Epstein was not satisfied with admiring Madeleine from a distance. “He even got his employees to stalk her secretly and told the people around him that he would ‘get’ them. He even had several photos taken of his people working undercover. He loved hers [Madeleines] Feet. He had dozens of pictures of her feet. “Princess Mette-Marit: She met with Jeffrey Epstein after he was convicted as a sex offender

Princess had nothing to do with Epstein

There is no evidence in the book that Princess Madeleine Epstein ever met, apart from the charity event. The Swedish royal family does not want to comment on the book, as court information chief Margareta Thorgren told “Svensk Damtidning”. It is understandable that Madeleine does not want to be associated with Epstein. She is not only the mother of three young children, but also works with the organization “Childhood” to prevent child abuse.

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