Marika Lehto and Hannes Hyvösen fresh book In a cage reveals the ups and downs of Hyvönen’s hockey career and life, which has played for more than 15 professional teams.

The highlights included, of course, the NHL venue, for which Hyvönen was fighting for the first time at the San Jose Sharks training camp in the summer of 2001.

The camp also had young goalkeepers at the time Miikka Kiprusoff and Vesa Toskala as well as already shining as a bright NHL star Teemu Selänne.

One day, Hyvönen gets to see the everyday life of an NHL star up close, when after lunch, Selänne suggests that we go to see the cars before the second rehearsals of the day.

– When we step into a Ferrari store outside San Jose, we are already in day clothes, but training shirts, shorts, toe sandals and caps still do not actually communicate wealth, Hyvönen says in the book.

Cars shine in front of the movement racing with the California sun. Your back strikes one of them.

The salesman, a lingering and arrogant American, steps out into the yard and creates a suspicious look at the Finns. He makes them realize that it would be worthwhile to head elsewhere.

The seller refers to the car viewed by Teemu and states bluntly:

– Many don’t have these.

Teemu, a millionaire and a hockey superstar, isn’t the seller’s obvious suspicion of moxics either.

– Yeah, I know, I have these two, he hoses like he’s buying milk at a convenience store.

The seller’s chin clicks.

– His expression will make me laugh for years to come, Hyvönen chuckles.

– Salespeople start flocking around us, and coffee, vichy and whatever we ever want to carry are carried in front of us. Teemu enjoys being. The rest of us take drinks and laugh at the waters in our eyes.

Hannes Hyvönen represented San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets in the NHL in a total of 42 matches between 2001 and 2003.

His NHL career could have continued a few years later at the New York Rangers, but the one-way and career best contract offer was wasted when the transfer failed to rule after Hyvönen had already signed a contract with Swedish Södertälje.

Excerpts from Marika Lehto’s and Hannes Hyvönen’s book Häkissä (WSOY).