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Bonaire tightens up the corona measures on Monday. The stricter rules apply for ten days. Catering establishments and people with contact professions, among others, must keep their doors closed temporarily. Lieutenant Governor Edison Rijna of Bonaire speaks of a ‘slight lockdown’. Sixteen new confirmed infections were reported on the island on Saturday.

Catering, casinos and gyms closed

A total of 36 people on the island have been tested positive for the coronavirus. One of them has died and nine others have recovered. In his speech, Rijna emphasized that most infected persons have no to mild complaints. Nevertheless, the Governor states “that we have entered a phase where stricter measures are necessary”.

Policy advisor Marian Luinstra-Passchier of the GGD of Bonaire said in a Saturday speech that four contamination clusters can be traced back to “the work atmosphere and informal contacts after work”. There are also some loose infections that cannot (yet) be traced back to a cluster.

More tests are now also being carried out on Bonaire, Luinstra-Passchier said. “We have gone from about 10 to 20 tests a day to 40 to 60 tests a day.” Since Saturday, not only people with complaints are tested, but also roommates of people who have tested positive.

Based on the new measures, catering establishments and casinos will be closed, but they are allowed to have food collected or delivered until 10 p.m. Gyms will close, as will all shops that are not necessary. Supermarkets, for example, do not have to close. Schools remain open, but under “strict conditions”.

All events are canceled and gatherings, such as funerals and religious occasions, are limited to ten people. Weddings will have to take place without invitees.

Bonaire has requested the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to declare code orange for travel from the Netherlands.

Lieutenant Governor Rijna acknowledges that these are severe measures, but emphasizes their importance. “I appeal to all residents of Bonaire, because if we take a step back now, we will soon be able to relax again.”

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