Bomb news, Honda gets out of Formula 1

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The worst news has come for Red Bull: Red Bull Racing and AlphaTauri’s motor partner, Honda, have decided not to extend their contracts with them until the end of 2021, leaving Formula 1 at the end of next year.

Returning to F1 in 2015 as a McLaren partner, Honda greeted the Woking team after three years to be the engine supplier for Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) in 2018 and Red Bull Racing from 2019.

One of the pillars of the energy drink maker’s Formula 1 program was Honda’s involvement, as Red Bull, unhappy with Renault since the start of the hybrid era, had previously been unable to obtain resources from either Mercedes or Ferrari. Honda’s departure also makes Red Bull’s F1 future uncertain, as they have repeatedly said in recent years that they could get out in the absence of a competitive engine – and the new Concorde agreement will also allow them to leave at the end of any season.

Commenting on the announcement, Red Bull Racing thanked Honda for its work to date and highlighted that since the start of the hybrid era, the Japanese brand has been the only engine manufacturer to win a race with two teams – Red Bull Racing, AlphaTauri.

“Our team understands how difficult it was for Honda to leave Formula 1 at the end of 2021. Due to the shift in focus in the automotive industry, Honda has been forced to focus its resources on other areas, which we understand, we respect the reasons. The decision obviously poses a serious challenge for us, but we have been in a similar situation, we are strong, we can be prepared to react, as we have proven before, ”said Christian Bull Horner, Team Leader at Red Bull Racing.

“While it is disappointing that our partnership is not continuing, we are terribly proud of our joint success with Honda, the five race wins and 15 podium finishes with the two Red Bull teams, and we thank everyone at Honda for their efforts and commitment!”

“Our efforts in 2020 and 2021 are unchanged, the common goal is to fight for race wins and the championship title. With the signing of the recent Concorde Agreement for Formula One, Red Bull Racing is committed to the long term, looking forward to a new era of innovation, development and success. The team will now try to use the time available to consider the situation and find the most competitive resource solution for 2022 and beyond. ”

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