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The Uruguayan verbally arranged an agreement to play for two seasons at the English club and his signing would be officially announced in the next few hours.

Edinson Cavani revolutionized the European pass market: he has everything agreed to continue his career in the Manchester United, de la Premier League. The 33-year-old Uruguayan striker verbally agreed to his arrival at the Red Devils and he would be traveling from Paris to England in the next few hours to undergo the medical examination and be officially presented.

Cavani will arrive at United as a free player: he had the option of extending his link with PSG at the end of June, but he decided to move away from Paris and quarantine in Salto, the Uruguayan city where he hails from and where he has a family stay.

During his stay in Uruguay, the striker continued to train hard on the field so as not to lose his physical condition and -even- was a rage on social networks when he detailed how he performed an oblique abdominal exercise with a scythe.

In that period of time there was speculation about his possible arrival in Benfica, in Gremio de Porto Alegre and he was even linked to Boca Juniors. Cavani himself stated that one day he would like to play for the La Ribera club – and evenl Pattern Jorge Bermúdez stated: “The Cavani thing is a wish and also a possibilityBut finally Manchester United ended up showing up and all doubts about its future were dispelled.

According to reports from the English press, the player would arrive at United for two seasons and his salary would be 10 million euros per year, so it would become one of the best payouts in the Premier League.

One of the important points of the contract stipulates that the Uruguayan striker can request freedom of action at the end of the first season without any impediment from the Manchester club.

It is not yet known what Cavani’s official debut with his new team could be, but on October 20 Manchester United has to face PSG for the group stage of the Champions League.

In case of being able to sing present, Cavani will face the team in which he played the last seven seasons, was multi-champion, and in which he scored 200 goals in 301 games, an impressive figure.

The Uruguayan forward will be led at United by a club emblem, the Norwegian Gunnar Solskjær, and will share the attacking sector with players like Martial, Rashford and Greenwood who have a lot of dynamics, but not so much weight inside the area.

One thing to keep in mind is that Cavani will arrive at Manchester United without continuity because he has not been playing. In fact, that was the reason why coach Oscar Tabárez He did not cite him to the Uruguayan team to face the matches that are coming for the Qualifiers



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