Bolsonaro’s children are summoned by the Police

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The Federal Police of Brazil called to testify as witnesses Carlos and Eduardo Bolsonaro, sons of President Jair Bolsonaro, within an investigation that advances on the organization of extreme right-wing demonstrations classified as “undemocratic”local media reported on Wednesday.

The case was opened last April at the request of the Prosecutor’s Office, which is trying to find out who promotes and finances these ultras protests in which the closure of Parliament and the Supreme Court is usually requested through a “military intervention” that maintains Jair Bolsonaro in the power.

The Police have already carried out various operations against several of the alleged members of these radical groups, accused of promoting those acts branded as “undemocratic” by the Public Ministry and in some of which the head of state himself participated.

These actions resulted in the arrest of activists of far-right movements, which have Bolsonaro as their top leader, and in the registration of properties of close friends to the president, including businessmen and parliamentarians from his political circle.

In this context, Commissioner Denisse Dias Ribeiro, who is leading the case, which is processed under the supervision of the Supreme Court, called two of Bolsonaro’s sons to testify as witnesses: Rio Carlos councilor and federal deputy Eduardo, according to the newspaper O Globo.

So far, according to the newspaper, Carlos and Eduardo are not being investigated in this case that runs under summary secrecy in Justice.

For Dias Ribeiro, the two sons of the president can help in the development of the investigations due to their political ties with some of the suspects who are in the sights of the authorities, said the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.

Since the beginning of his mandate, Bolsonaro, whose government has a marked military accent and is nostalgic for the last military dictatorship (1964-1985), has had friction with the Legislative and Judicial powers, which have suspended or nuanced some of its most controversial measures, such as the release of weapons to the civilian population.



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