Bolsonaro affirms that there is corruption in Brazil but not in his government

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The Brazilian president, Jair BolsonaroHe insisted that there is no corruption in his government, but he admitted that there is corruption in Brazil, and that it is difficult to combat it because it is historical and “deeply rooted.”

He far-right leader He once again denied possible corruption in his government, by distancing himself from the scandal caused by a senator, an important ally of his, whom the Federal Police found on Wednesday thousands of reales hidden in his underpants during an operation to combat corruption.

Personal responsibility

Senator Chico Rodrigues, a member of parliament for the conservative Democrats party, a deputy government spokesman in the Chamber of Deputies and an important ally of the head of state, is one of the targets in an investigation by diversion of resources intended for the management of the coronavirus pandemic in the Amazonian state of Roraima.

Bolsonaro assured that his Government cannot be attributed the possible irregularities committed by “one of the 18 vice-spokesmen” of the Executive in Congress.

The president assured that the press is trying to link him to the parliamentarian, who has already been dismissed from the post of deputy spokesman, and that he is using this case to criticize him for having said last week that he put an end to the corruption in Brazil.

Diversion of resources

“Some in bad faith take advantage of whatever happens to blame the Government. There is a problem in Roraima and they are blaming it on the Government, but it is an investigation initiated by the Federal Police to verify the use of the resources that we have sent to states and municipalities for the fight the covid“said the president in a live broadcast on his Facebook account.

“Unfortunately we have verified that some of those regional and municipal governments they are diverting resources and we are investigating it, “he added.

According to Bolsonaro, his responsibility is for the government acts, its ministers, state companies and federal public bodies, but it cannot be held responsible for the acts of regional and municipal governments or for what the parliamentarians do.

Corruption in Brazil

“I said that there is no corruption in my Government and there is not. But my Government and my responsibility are the ministers and state companies. My responsibility in this case it is to take care so that the investigations are deepened and the possible culprits are identified, “he said.

“I did not say that there is no more corruption in Brazil. What I said is that there is none in my government. My Government are my ministers. Before it was common to discover corruption in the ministries and in the state and now not, “he added.

Bolsonaro admitted that there could be corruption “in some sectors” because it is difficult inspect all the works in a country the size of Brazil but he insisted that neither his ministries nor the state ministries under his management have detected irregularities.

He claimed that the fact that the senator peppered by the scandal Being one of the vice-spokespeople of your Government does not mean that you are part of its Executive.



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